Family Owned and Hand Crafted

When you walk into our shop you'll be greeted with a friendly smile, tasteful aromas and samples of our delicious popcorn.

We have many different flavors of gourmet popcorn, so you'll be sure to find your favorite.

Great American Popcorn

Great people.

In fall of 2012, we began business inside of Newbo City Market. We ran two 10 x10 stands: an ice cream stand run by our daughter and a popcorn stand run by our son. Fast forward to June 15, 2014 – Great American Popcorn, Cedar Rapids was born!

Our entire business is built around creating memorable events for our customers. You and your family have a place to come visit for a good time and a trip down memory lane to when times were simpler... Plus, you get to enjoy great popcorn and ice cream.

Great ingredients.

At Great American Popcorn, we always use the best quality ingredients to create our delicious gourmet popcorn treats. We only prepare small batches of a single flavor at a time, and that guarantees you will always get the freshest product possible.

We like to be around friendly, positive people here at Great American Popcorn, and that's exactly what you'll encounter when you visit us. Find a place to kick back and enjoy the simple moments with friends, family and our staff here in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Great variety.

In addition to our delicious gourmet popcorn, we're also known for our wide variety of other goodies, including:

  • Hand-scooped ice-cream
  • Handmade fudge, chocolate and sweet candies
  • Vintage sodas