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Our customers love our products, and that's why we have so many people coming back. Talk with our staff and try our delicious flavors to see why our customers love our popcorn.

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“If you would have ever told me that I would spend $40 on popcorn in a day, I'd have laughed at you. But, this! This is GREAT, HOT, FRESH popcorn and I wish I had spent more!

We bought 4 bags (buy 3 get one free) on a Wednesday night, and by Thursday lunch we were back for more. We tried a number of different varieties. My son loved the cheddar popcorn, my husband the caramel corn. I was partial to the white cheddar and the English toffee. But out of 8 varieties, they were all great! And the staff was available to provide free samples to our hearts' content. This place is definitely a winner!”

Erin H.

We tried some popcorn at the Festival of Trees this year. I had never heard of this company before but they were great! The caramel was better than any I've had locally, and they also blew me away with their scotcheroo, peanut butter and cheese flavored popcorn. I can't wait to go to the store and try more!

Beth M.

Not only is the popcorn amazing and the best thing ever in life! The owners are the most wonderful business owners I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Definitely recommend everyone visit the store.

Jessica S.

My most favorite popcorn place in town!! I've tried a few and I Love the warm Carmel corn at Great American Popcorn Company!! The owner is a great man too!! Thanks for the yummy Carmel corn each time I stop down at the store...

Julie B

They ship!! I used to take my daughter to get popcorn when I visited her in Cedar Rapids. A nice atmosphere, good service, courteous employees. She has since left to finish high school in Seattle area. They were able to ship her her favorites and got me "best mom ever" billing.

Michelle R.

While visiting Cedar Rapids, My sister and her boyfriend brought my dad and I had the awesome opportunity to visit Great American Popcorn Co. I tried two awesome flavors and after I did, I purchased them. I have tried Cheezy Caramel and Thin Mint. I am going to make sure that we get to stop in the next time I am in Cedar Rapids. Their catch phrase is "Yer gonna love it" and I have to reply with a Minnesotan Accent "Yah Shure Yooou Betcha, Dontcha Know!"

Roger A.

This is by far the best cheese and carmel/cheese popcorn I have ever ate!!

Karen A.

Great American Popcorn Co has the BEST popcorn! The cheese flavored popcorn is amazing. Thank you for providing popcorn at Operation Overnight! It was a highlight of our night. :)

Lindsey S.

The ice cream is ridiculously good. Zanzibar + cookie dough = heaven on a cone. It's difficult to find a good "hard scoop" ice cream shop anymore. Soft serve has it's place, but there's nothing like a rich, creamy scoop of real ice cream. I wish they had kid scoops, but oh well, no biggy. The warm popcorn is crazy good too...they'll make a Chicago Mix for you :-)

Colfax Mingo

Very nice place. They have a lot of different flavors of ice cream, pop, and popcorn. And the employees are very nice. Which is refreshing for this town

Richard Forrest

Best ice cream in Iowa!!!! Stopped there a couple times now and have loved it every time. Plus the family that owns it is very special to me!!!! Thanks again guys

Christina Nahida

We love this place and they have amazing ice cream and popcorn!! (Plus the pup cup option when we bring our dogs

Jill Carrie Miller

We'd never heard of this place, but were in the neighborhood. Boy am I glad we stopped! Great atmosphere, excellent customer service, delicious ice cream, terrific popcorn... Do you guys ship orders?

Phil Sibenaller

The smell when you walk in is very inviting. We were able to sample a few flavors of popcorn to help us make a decision. They have some very creative flavors. We purchased the Newbo combo, puppy chow, crunch berry and cheesy caramel corn. The popcorn is fresh and flavorful. We also tried the coconut, chocolate almond Icecream, which was fabulous. Great, friendly customer service made it a very fun stop on our visit to Cedar Rapids.

Carol Selzer